Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ukrainian women's personalities different from Western women?

Yes, they are a bit different. They don't have a different type of character, and they also love shopping and chatting. They are human beings and they are definitely not perfect. The main difference is that they are much more patient and can tolerate things that Western women will never be able to bear. They are more considerate and dependable. They are partners, not competitors.

Another important difference is that Ukrainian women (and Ukrainians in general) have very low self-esteem. They are very insecure. While Western women think that they are goddesses and able to cope with anything on their own, a Russian woman (living in Ukraine and married to a Ukrainian man) will rarely leave a bad husband because of the fear that she won't find another one. For many years the state and men have been oppressing them, and they don't think much about themselves.

Ukrainian women are well groomed, stylish, educated and intelligent (as are Ukrainian in general) also diets and sports are not as popular as in the west. Nevertheless, they are rarely overweight - they still walk a lot because they don't have cars, and don't eat junk food  (which is strange enough is considered expensive - compared to home made meals). They do not have to make an effort to live healthy - it just comes natural.

The greatest difference between Ukrainian women and western women is precisely captured by linguistics: in English you call it, "to share your life with" and in Russian they call it, "to join our lives together". Where you will often find a western woman being a competitor in a relationship, a Ukrainian woman is a partner

Are these girls for real?

Yes, all the girls on this site are actively trying to find a foreign partner for marriage. We ask all of our ladies on a regular basis if they want to be removed from our website. We only list the girls who are actively looking for a partner. 

Why are Ukrainian ladies attracted to older men?

First of all older means mature. And mature is everything. a mature man knows what he wants in life, a mature man knows how to treat a lady with respect, and last but not the least a mature man is ready to commit! Most young men regardless of their nationality tend to devote their life to building their career and enjoying life to the fullest which at this age means having fun and avoiding any responsibilities and commitments. And you probably agree any serious relationship is a huge responsibility in itself.
Second - older men have achieved some stability both in their life and career and stability is necessary for building a serious relationship and especially for marriage. Established career allows you to provide for your woman, for your family and since you do not need to invest all your time and efforts into climbing up a career staircase because you have already achieved some success you can now devote yourself completely to building a happy marriage, to being a loving husband and caring father.
Third - older men are experienced; they have already made their mistakes and hopefully have learnt from them.
A young Ukrainian girl being inexperienced in a serious relationship herself due to her age relies on your experience, your guidance, your common sense while building a long-term relationship.
Fourth, older men are a bit old fashioned and romantic and this is very important for Ukrainian ladies because they are simply born for romance – they are feminine by nature and love dressing up and behaving like ladies comparing to the more emancipated and practical Western women.
Fifth, it is a known fact that amount of testosterone in men reduces with age which makes them more sensual and sensitive, loving and caring. And this is exactly what Ukrainian young girls are looking for in a relationship and what young men that are driven by high testosterone levels are not able to provide for them.
So, instead of asking yourself this question every time you receive a letter from a young beautiful lady, simply write a reply! Be confident in yourself, your age makes you a much wiser, more experienced and desirable partner for a serious relationship. Good luck!!

Is it true that some Ukrainians don't like people from US or Canada?

No, it's not. Ukrainians love foreigners and feel high respect towards them - the fact that usually surprises foreigners.